Wiring Couple Of Computers To A Wired Router. Will It Affect Speed? | All About Money Online

I have a high speed cable internet. I’m planning to buy a wired(not wireless) router so that I can connect it to 2 desk tops and occcasionally to a laptop. I probably won’t use the computers at the same time but wants the desk top connected to a single cable internet via a wired router. Mainly so that I don’t have to hook and unhook it. Will there be any issues with it? Will it slow down speed? Can it work that way? I’ll be the only user. I’m eventually going to get a wireless but can’t do it due to technical issues. I appreciate any advise from you computer geniuses. p.s. Where do I buy a connector “wire” for this. Will radio shack have it. I already have the router. Thanks,

Johnny B.

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