Why Do So Many Modern Day Artists Use Computers To Make Their Voice Sound Good? | All About Money Online

Because in order to compete on the radio everyone wants to sound as perfect as possible. You could make the same argument for the effects used in processing guitars, in the quality of the reverbs and chorus’s, or how about amplifiers and microphones? Some advances are less perceptible than others so we tend to ignore them, but there’s no doubt that it’s much easier to make a guitar sound good when it’s processed through a stack of effects. Trying to stop auto-tune technology from being used ubiquitously would be like trying to stop people from buying too many cars in the 50′s. Once a few people start using the technology, everyone feels that they need to, or else they’ll seem amateurish. Of course it works perfectly for producers who want to market a specific person because of their image (i.e. he or she is totally hot) despite their lack of talent. Which opens up a huge avenue for marketing, since the technology can make anyone sound like they can sing. There are alternatives outside of the mainstream. I don’t think Kim Gordon or P.J. Harvey are too worried about being pitch perfect. But I think as far as pop is concerned it’s pretty much here to stay. At least now that it has been used as a step effect enough times, pretty much everyone is aware of the technology and can decide if it changes their mind about an artist they like. Call it the “Milli-Vanilli Factor”

The overall impact is similar to having plastic surgery to fix up your nose… a vain act, but most people tend to compliment you on your new nose. Or maybe it’s more like steroid use in baseball, except that there’s no commission to limit use. Right now the music industry is filling seats by creating stars, …hitting long balls, but eventually the Hall of Fame will seem tainted.

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