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– May 14, 2008

Some Money Making Blogs reveal their monthly income but have you ever wondered why do they need to reveal their income? is it important for them to reveal or brag about their monthly profits? Frankly speaking, when i first started my blog i do wondered about it but now NO more :).

Most of the world most popular and well known bloggers will brag or reveal their blog income, and this for sure give me motivation and maybe it do motivates you to blog right? I did reveal my blog income here previously and only to learn i have to stop talking about it since last April (Due to some minor problem) however i will soon reveal my May income don’t worry.

So the question, is Why Bloggers Reveal Their Monthly Income?

1) It generates More Traffic

2) It will create a loyal readers

3) To motivates other bloggers, that making money is possible with your blog

4) They want to brag (:P)

5) Simply A Monthly Income Report

Am done with it, i hope this post will give you some great tips ya

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