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My boyfriend and i been together for a yr and 3mnths we used to sleep tigether almost everynight before living together for two months now. He never takes me out unless i ask him to and sometimes we have to argue over it. We are committed to each other so its not like he is cheating or anything and wants no one to see us, his family and i get along just fine his mom loves me and we talk alot but i dont know what to think. Tonight i asked him if he wanted to go to the movies,he asked which movie was playing i didnt know also i was just bored i wanted to get out of the house as im not working, its like if he dont know what is playing he aint going and its not like we go out we dont! I love him i dont wanna cheat on him and go out with other men but what am i suppose to do? I would love to just ignore him cuz he isnt paying me any attention neither when he come home at nights i have to be the one always up on him and i dont wanna keep forcing myself on him. I talk to him about it over and over but its like he doesnt care or something.Sometimes when he doesnt work at nights instead of coming home or take me out he would rather go out with his friends and play pool or stay out and drink,talk and go to the casino with friends. I love him and he loves me he has been taking care of me for as long as we are together esp now that im not working so i dont really wanna leave him I just wanna not pay him any or not much attention and make him feel how i feel but its hard. Can you guys help me out please? THX
Im not working because i cant find a job not becuaese i dont wanna work…..i like to be independent…………it is slow here so its hard to get a job

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