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I don’t believe everyone lose money trading forex. However, majority of traders lose money. I have been trading since 2005. I lost in the beginning when I did not master my emotions and did not have my own system in place. I tried trading following other people’s system. It did not work. You need to create your own trading system and have the discipline to follow it through everytime, with your stop loss in place. Test your system, test and test some more with a demo account. If you are satisfied with your demo performance, then you can start trading your system with a real account. Losing money will make anyone feel uneasy or guilty. But for beginner traders, huge losses make them feel particularly guilty, more so than other more experienced traders. For some, it goes back to growing up and being taught by our parents to save the hard-earned money for a rainy day. Losing the money almost equates to breaking a family tradition we’ve lived by our entire life. For short-term trading (the type of trading that many beginner traders are involved in), risking money is a necessity. And again, many believe this goes against how they were raised. Combine that with the ever-present pressures from family and friends when you tell them that you are becoming a trader or the “I-told-you-so” when you lose money, you’re almost set up from the started to feel guilty about what you’re doing. Don’t be shy, go take the course at https://www.babypips.com

It is free and one of the best sites, I have come across in Forex education.

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