Who out of these 3 people should I let help finance my house as a co-signer? | All About Money Online

They have all agreed because we believe it’s a good deal. I am getting finance by the owner of the house and he has agreed that he doesn’t care much who signs, the higher the score the better though (I guess bc he can charge whatever finance charges he wants).

My mom-makes a ton of money, but has a terrible credit score..500ish.

My boyfriend of 3 years-credit score of 630ish but has a minimum wage job and college student.

My dad-terrible fico and lives on SSI.

And myself, I work seasonally and go to school full time. Fico score of 550ish (I’ve never really had credit).

The house is only 30k and it would be paid off within 2-3 years from my trust fund.
My boyfriend would be my last resort. I wouldn’t want things to get nasty if we broke up and he tries to take the house I paid for.

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