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I’ve a demo account on Alpari Uk & other in Interbank Fx. Both forex broker have good features : Interbank FX : MT4 broker, no dealing desk, tight spreads, good customer service. Mini account for $250 Alpari Uk : MT4 broker, tight spreads (better than Interbank Fx), good customer service but has dealing desk for live trading (5 – 15 seconds to accept an order). Mini account for $200. Withdrawal is more expensive in Alpari than in Interbank. I’m wondering if it’s better to trade Alpari Uk than Interbank Forex because I live in France, thus I’m closer to Alpari Uk than Interbank Forex (in Utah) . I’ve read some reviews and Alpari has better ranking than that of Interbank Forex. What do you suggest me ? which one is better to trade Forex Market ?

Thank you

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