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There are a TON of options for learning to Forex. Which you choose really depends on your level of commitment and what you want to get out of Forex. 1) Free solutions. There are a ton of them out there. The library will have books, most Forex brokers offer some degree of education, sites like investopedia offer comprehensive Forex glossaries, and Forex forums have great ideas. 2) Free sites that require signing up for an account at a broker before they will teach you. Many of these are legitimate and offer great solutions. Just understand that it isn’t free. When you start trading they will make a cut on every trade you make through that account. This is a great way for someone to get in free so long as they understand that in a round about way they ARE paying for those services. 3) Find a mentor. This is how I learned and one of the best ways to learn. While reading books and website its fine, nothing beats having someone to teach you and explain the concepts. Someone to show you how things work. 4) Paid courses. These are more comprehensive and usually offer a faster way to fully learn the concepts. They are also not hiding their income source because you are directly paying for the courses rather than paying via a broker account. Many paid courses offer a mentoring program and/or Trade Room.

5) Go out guns a blazing. Meaning, you just open a demo account and try to “figure it out”. This is more gambling than investing and is a sure way to lose your money… but it can be fun.

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