Where Can I Find A Download For Ultra Trend Indicator Or Something Similar For Forex Trading? | All About Money Online

Here is what you need. Last month they called over 5600 pips. IF you want more details email me at rbw1226@yahoo.com COMING SOON!! “STRIKES TRADER” … a revolutionary and innovative new concept to trading based on the Lightning Strikes Trading System. It’s simple, successful and the most profitable trading method made available to the public. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: 1. Our team will simultaneously take trades on up to 22 currency pairs using one tenth of one lot on each pair, thereby minimizing risk and maximizing profits. 2. Trades will immediately be posted to a “spread sheet” where the most recent activity for any trade will be shown at the top of the spread sheet. 3. Using your trading platform, you may take as many of the posted trades as you wish. 4. No e-mail or text message notifications will be issued due to the unreliability of instant delivery so it will be necessary for you (the trader) to review the spreadsheet periodically throughout the day to check for any updates (new trades, move stop loss, close trade, etc.) SIGN UP NOW:

1. From this link www.lightninglive.com login to “strikes trader”.

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