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Im new to stocks i haven’t ever traded online. However i have used many virtual trading programs and i have a good concept on how trading works. I believe i am ready to start the real thing. Im attracted to brokers like zecco because they say they have 10 free monthly trades and about 4 dollars for each trade after that. However it leads me to believe that they must not have many good services for customers. Then i looked into trade king. Because they seemed to have better trading tools and service, still with a low commission fee. However since i haven’t ever traded online im not familiar with the problems im going to face. Please recommend me a internet broker i should use. Thank you for your help.

PS. I have $5000 USD to invest, loosing this investment isn’t that big of a deal to me. My main goal is to learn. and excuse me for my spelling errors I typed this fast. =)

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