What’s A Good Digital Camera To Learn Photography With?1? | All About Money Online

well i joined deviant art a while back and looking at all the photography there made me want to learn how. right now i have a mediocre camera but i don’t like taking pix with it; it has a P and M mode but it was obviously designed for point-and-shoot purposes, and my dad got this amazing camera for christmas it’s so great i’m not really sure what it’s called but the strap says Canon EOS Digital. the features i like the most are the manual focus and zoom. the problem is i’m too young for a job and i want to get the camera by like september. so i calculated that if i make the purchase in september i will have roughly $280..that doesn’t go far towards a camera but there’s a small possibility that i can get another few hundred, but i’m really not sure. i could also maybe borrow half the money from my parents; i’ve done that before. so with the price range being between $300 and $650 dollars, what do you all reccommend? (ps i want it to be digital)

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