What Would Be A Good Digital Camera To Use For Professional Photography That Isn’t Expensive…under 1,200? | All About Money Online

You are talking about a professional camera. You will be taking hundreds of thousands of shots through this camera over the course of its expected life. The camera will have to perform in all kinds of conditions from freezing rain to the Caribbean to the desert. And you will need at least two of them (backup). The least expensive professional level DSLR (D200) is around $1500. The professional level SLR (F6) is around $1800, so you can see that professional cameras are not inexpensive. From the sound of your question, I can guess that you haven’t attended a school like Art Center or RIT or you would know this. The equipment necessary to attend these schools can cost up to $10,000 (4×5 view camera and a 35mm system and at least one digital body) not to mention the cost of materials used in the lab.

If you are attempting to go pro with out the benefit of schooling, you may be disappointed in your success. If you are seriously interested in going pro but not attending one of the serious photo shcools (Brooks and Cal Arts are the other two good ones), you might find it to your advantage to work as an assistant to a local successful photographer for a while or get hired as a staffer (they supply the cameras) until you have enough skills to jump into the fray

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