What Kinds Of Career Jobs Can You Do That Deals With Computers? | All About Money Online

I’m currently taking Computer Science which is kind of hard because of all the math and stuff. Math is my weakest right now with and without tutoring. I want to break down the Computer Science to something a little bit easier. I want to do something creative with computers because I always like to be on them. I already know how to use e-mail, burn cds, fax, scan pictures, microsoft works, excel, powerpoint, and so on… I taught myself when I was young and since then I just intaked all the information. I’m currently thinking about the Medical Field, but I think I can advance to something a little bit more advancing than sitting on my butt with the skills I already know now. In the Medical Field, I chose Medical Office Assistant/ Coding Specialist, but I think I can do more than this. I’m debating on going back to school to finish Computer Science or go in the Medical Field. I just need to know what other fields can I go in that won’t be so hard, but can be easy and creative also.

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