What Is The Best Kind Of Digital Camera Should I Buy? | All About Money Online

Kk im getting a digital camera soon but i don’t no what kind 2 get! please help me! i hav been saving up money for a while and i don’t want to buy a piece of junk. tell me the best a worst kinds of cameras and what u rate them. i absolutley luv photography. my price range is from $200-300. i want one that has a effects and has 10 mp. its not like a actual digital photography camera like lets say the canon rebel. i want something like a nikon coolpix. i dont want one with a touchscreen. i want one with a large-ish screen and that it can take videos. please help me i need to know what is the best and that is in my price-range. if u could also tell me if nikon coolpixs r any good, ive heard the lens thing jams.
thank you

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