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I don’t think there really is a “best” camera for anything. People should realize that the lens makes a lot of difference and is just as important a consideration as the camera body. I also agree with the recommendations above. The Olympus E Series cameras are quite good. You may want to get the larger cameras like the E510 or E500, and stay away from the E410. This is because when you attach heavier lens to the camera body it will be unbalanced if you choose a smaller lighter body. You should also look into the Nikon D80 or the Canon 30D. They are also very nice cameras, and they look professional, which means your clients will trust you to take their pictures. When choosing a lens, don’t skimp on the quality. For instance, if you are going with Olympus I recommend the 14-54mm F2.8-3.5 lens which retails for about $400. This lens is one of the best quality to price lens available. You need to get lens which have a large maximum aperture because you will mostly be shooting indoors. Also a large aperture will give you good blurring of background for portraits. You should also buy at least one prime lens. A prime lens gets you sharper images and normally have a large maximum aperture like F2.8. Consider getting the 50mm F2.0 lens which is great as your main portrait lens.

There are also “accessories” (more like fundamental gear) that you need to consider like a tripod, flash units, spare batteries (at least two extra for backup purposes), another camera body (again for backup if the first one fails), portable lighting units, a laptop (for mobile work), etc.. It’s going to be costly all the equipment you need to purchase but that’s the startup recommendations you need to look at.

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