What Is A Good Beginning Digital Photography Software Program For An Adult Who Has Beginning Computer Skills? | All About Money Online

Although my boyfriend (57) has had a computer for a few years, he’s really, really a newbie. Rarely goes on beyond solitaire and email. He doesn’t know all of its capabilities. He likes working with pictures and photographs though. I think he might be interested in digital photography, he started dabbling in some programs (paint and something else – my seven year old taught him), but I’d like to give him something to encourage his interest that gives lots of options, but doesn’t need a computer expert to run. I am clueless about digital photography and photo editing programs, or whatever I’m looking for, but I am computer literate for the most part (I’m a word person…) and can figure out software. He does have an eye for photography though and does enjoy it. Can’t afford anything real pricey though. Any other related ideas welcome! Oh ya – this would be a Christmas Gift (not that it really matters…) but I’d love Christmas ideas along these lines!

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