Well, my husband and I and our two children went out for the day yesterday, we had a blast. However, while we were in the car, and he was driving, I was cleaning out the console, and I came across a note. He tried grabbing it from me, and I begged him to let me read it. I am very insecure because he works very long hours, he has never given me a reason to make me think he is cheating, but he told me he wrote this after we got into an arguement the other day, he grabbed it and threw it out the window. Well, later on in the day I had to run up town to get some groceries, and I drove very slow around the location where he tossed the note, and I FOUND IT! We argue prob four times a week, but things are getting alot better, he is a manager of a restaurant and has aspirations of being a professional poker player. He says its our only hope of having alot of money, if our oil well in Texas does not pan out. Being the wife of a poker player is VERY scary. I remember one time, when he went to the casino, he lost our money and left us with $32.00 for two weeks. He came home and said he was going to stop. He has no friends, he cant be friends with anyone at work because he is a manager. I cant go with him to the casino, the only time he does win is when I have gone which is like twice, we have no one not even my mother in law or my mother(who wants to charge me $150.00 for one night to keep our one and two year old) I do not know how to encourage him to get any friends either, I have alot of people I know on myspace but that’s about it. I have really no friends at all. Anywayz, here is the note that he wrote. I know it was after we had an argument but this note still worries me, thanks for replies

Note: Who Am I?

I have no dreams. No future but the daily grime of my work. A common cog in a vast machine. I am one individual in a world of billions. Will I live to the age of 70, broken and bruised from the yoke on my back? Or will I die earlier perhaps from the stress of it all? I am a slave to the dollar. A victim of the commonplace. No one will remember me for accomplishment. I will leave this world as I came in it. bearing only a name.


he has not been to the casino is like seven months, I want to support him because outside of family and work this is all he has. What do I do and what does this note means? I know he has told me in the past he wants to be recognized for something in his life. He is a wonderful father and husband but I guess its not enough for him! THanks
P.S. I won a state beauty pageant four years ago when we were dating? DO you think it might feel to him that because I won that he might need to accomplish something too?

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