Was I wrong? please help women and men…?Don’t disrespect me please!Breif description(made story short)? | All About Money Online

So this past weekend me and boyfriend went out(we are serious, we live together and all)..so after many drinks we decide to go to the Casino for breakfast(that’s how you end your night in DET), anyway we get there and aren’t seeing eye to eye on somethings..he decides to display his anger in front of everyone, and stood up and said”I am ready to go” I was hurt and embarrassed, we always do what he wants do…he started storming off like he was leaving me, so finally after many tears I stopped trying to run after him and said forget him, I started calling other friends to come and get me, I so wanted to get a way from him, some guy friends come and end up about to fight my boyfriend, he starts yelling and saying “b****, lets go” (like I’m nothing)I am in shock, and at this point think its over, I leave with my guy friends and they drop me off at a hotel (ALONE), I am so not like that…any way my boyfriend thinks only I was wrong and I cheated on him with them all..Please help, was I?

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