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How long have you been blogging? 1 month? 2 months? 3 months?. Regardless how many months you’ve been blogging we all need visitors. We all tried our very best to boost our blog traffic. My blog are now officialy 3 months old, qualified for paid post and others making money program and yet i still think i am not that ready to get my blog involve with paid advertisement.

let us just get back to the main topic on how to generate traffic to your blog by utilizing and

How to do this?

1) Get your free account at any blog log provider.


2) Generate the visitor log widget and Install it on your blog.

Once you finished with this step you need to make sure your blog catalog / my blog log account signed in. Because this is the only way to let people knows that you visited their blog and the percentage of having them to visit your blog is like 80-99%

If you just started your blog and wanted to increase your blog traffic and expand your blog readership, this is the simplest way to promote your blog to the world. Blog hop now and start getting a new visitor daily.

Imagine if you can blog hop 100 blogs a day? I can pretty sure you can get around 2000-2500 visitor a month which is better than having zero visitor!

Good luck! with your blog traffic!

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