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Our company is proposing a new service to the public and we’ve been managing some big forex accounts for a while now.. problem is no one offers their professional services in our market to small investors.. here are few highlights of the service and would like to know if you would be interested in using it? or demand another feature maybe?! 1- Minimum deposit is 25$ only – minimum with our competition is 1000$. 2- Daily profit of 1% guaranteed.. never less.. never more. 3- Secure deposit and withdrawal facilities 24/7 from and to your paypal account.. 4- A physical Debit Card for premium account holders to withdraw their balance anytime & anywhere they wish (above 500$ accounts only). 5- 24/7 Online Support Center / LiveChat / Knowledge base. 6- Private account manager for holders of accounts above 500$. 7- 90 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE/ FULL REFUND / NO QUESTIONS ASKED policy on EVERY deposit you make. 8- Verified Paypal Deposits only accepted.. to protect YOU and US from fraud.. providing the maximum consumer protection you can find in the market.

Please rate the proposed service, and give a suggestion if you have any on how to improve the list above..

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