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My Husband is going to the casino to play cards. He NEVER goes ANYWHERE but home and work. He did go to the casino the day before thanksgiving and I was mad cause he stayed out late. That night he tells me that if he were going to cheat, he would dress nicer (he WAS dressed like a bum that night so I couldn’t say anything). Well, he agreed not to go at night anymore so that is why he is going in the day while I am at work and after work I am meeting him there. The problem: this time, he dressed NICE! Real nice. He is wearing the outfit he usually wears when he is around my family or taking me out somewhere nice. So I remembered what he said last time he went to the casino, about dressing nice if he were going to cheat. So I am a little worried! EVERY man I have ever been with has cheated on me. I give my husband the benifit of doubt because I have and will always have this theory that every man cheats! He says he is dressed nice cause I am meeting him there and we will prob eat dinner BUT he doesnt always dress nice for me and it is NOT a nice resturant. Plus, I will be in work attire! BTW- he IS at the casino cause I drive him. his license is suspended.

ART MASTERPEICE- what do you mean that my profile says nothing about my husband? MAYBE you should read it again. The first part expecially and then I go on and on about how I have the greatest family (includes him and the kids)

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