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Hello everyone, I want to start trading forex and I am still hesitating about a lot of things. First, most people say they have bad experiece trading forex. I know that even Warren Buffet (I don’t know how to spell it exactly:)) said that: “In stocks you could predict the price of a stock, but how can you predict the price of currency”)- That in fact sounds very reasonable since we all know that in shares it’s enough to read a news that some company has planned to invest some money in Rolls Royce…to say…and then you buy shares from Rolls Royce…But wherefrom you can guess that USD will not find a way up again? Some people say that the forex brokers have very high commisions and thus you can never win? Is it me or this sounds very stupid? How about you? What was the amount of money you started and how much you have earned?

Thanks alot!!!

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