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recently i created severals niche blog purposely to make money by selling text ads. I have severals others blog that is making money by selling Text Link Ads. However i would like to add more opportunity into this kind of Money Making Strategy.

I saw lots of others bloggers with niche blog managed to sell at least 5 links a month. This means if your link worth USD15.00 and you managed to sell about 5 Links a month that’s mean your blog earning for Tex Link Ads will be USD75.00. This is better than nothing i am very sure you can actually cover your hosting expenses just by selling Text Link.

Imagine if you have like 5 niche blog, consider you are Making USD75.00 per blog, You could be making around USD 375.00 monthly doing nothing.

So now i am experimenting Making Money by selling text ads. Wish me luck and you can do it too.

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