Reviewme System Glitch? | All About Money Online


– April 9, 2008

This is something i never saw since the first time i joined Yes i never saw such many offers available for me in a day which is there is 41 Available offers. Refer picture below.


I was like, Wow! 41 review offer? This is unbelievable! So To be honest am so excited to saw so many offer for me today. Imagine having it all in my post? Well 41 * 8usd (this will be around 320USD ++) am i right? well that is not bad at all. But…the problem is i can’t even reserve one offer to my account. I do not know why but everytime i want to post below error occured


As you can see there, it say i might already reviewed this offer or reviewed order already met. I was like ha? I never even saw this opportunity previously how come it say like that?

Hmm i am not sure why, perhaps some of you who faced the same problem with me can share in the comment section right? please tell me what is your view on this matter.

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