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Well Sound very tempting and ambitious? well this is a dream come true quest! Trust Me it is! Remember the other day about Page Ranking Movement? Where lots of bloggers page rank dropped? Well not for me, my blog went up from PR0 to PR 3. So what happen? Well i started to get more offer from Payperpost.com! yeah no kidding the highest paid i ever get was USD18.50 per post.

Well i know that’s sound very small amount for some of those who already established like years! but considering my case (which i blogged about 3 months) this is a great Achievement.

So now this is the first month i started to post paid posting seriously, as previously am very busy increasing my blog traffic and readership. Enough Enough! Now back to the real Topic again!

Will i be able to make USD600.00 Next Month?

I know some of you might think i won’t be able to make it? Well I can prove you are wrong on that! why? well let me explain the situations first ok? At the moment i recieved an average of USd10.00 per post and i normally make 2 post in a day. Which Averagely i will make USD20.00 a day so if you do the maths:

20X30 days = 600.00USD correct? that’s pretty easy right?

OOoops i know what you are thinking now! eheh Hey come on i don’t think all post will be approved? OOoops well the only reason you post disapproved was because you didn’t learned the skills! ehhehe well i know you guys must be wondering and wanted me so bad to reveal how can i make sure all post approved?

Well for sure you must know how to post a good article, and not to ignore the basic requirement of Payperpost.com which i did before lols! but hey don’t worry as long as you subscribe to my blog RSS, You will be able to learn how did all my post approved. ( I will tell the secret…someday )

So the Quest to get USD600.00 for next month is a dream come true! For your information, by the time i wrote this article, my Payperpost.com earning is USD120.00 .

So just stay tune….okey!

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