Please I Want To Find A Site That Provide Free E-books Talking About Forex (i Mean Talking About How To Trade) | All About Money Online

The particular website linked at the bottom specializes in giving novice/beginner forex-traders helpful fundamental information regarding large and detailed introductions on foreign exchange, forex-trading tips, concepts, fraud warning info, trading safety info and also excellent, detailed information on the Major currencies of the world and the Central Banks that go with it.
There is also an article written especially for novice traders, where a more advanced trader is writing about his experiences in forex-trading during one day. All these articles are for novices and beginners, but the very first link at the top of the list below is especially written for novices. On the home-page of the website, it will show the latest news on economies and forextrading and may help you while you trade. Hope this helps and its all for free.

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