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Oh gosh! i know you were thinking like, Ha? Payperpost Sucks! what happened? Well to be honest payperpost made me money! did you guys remember about my Quest to reach USD600.00 for the month of December?.

That’s mean only Payperpost program, and has nothing to do with Smorty, Sponsored reviews,Blogvertise and Reviewme. Uhhh one more left? Well this provider is SUCKS! Totally Sucks! so not worth it to mentioned. So Bye Bye!

Back to my payperpost income for the month of November. As we all knew payperpost done some geographical segmentation, implemented real rank and still depending on google PR. Lot’s of bloggers who made money previously are now making ZERO at all.

So i think i am still lucky to be able to make USD213.00 for month of november. So for your information this is the first time ever i made that much money from Payperpost

If you were to ask about others Paid posting provider at the moment i can’t say much as i am still on experiment for each of the provider. Generally talking, i can say, Payperpost is still giving away good money to my blog.

If you are new to paid posting and blogging stay tune and i willl tell you some tips, on how to make the most from payperpost and have your post approved.

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