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Oh no no no! well i run a widgetbucks to my others blog at the moment! however if you guys read about the current decision made by the founder, read interview with the CEO of WidgetBucks . Hmmm now widgetbucks are no longer pay clicks originated outside from US and Canada.

The only reason why they did it was because, those clicks originated from NON us and Canada was never converted into sales thus affecting the advertiser money! Funny! Cashquest Wrote about it here where kumiko said, it was run by Monkey! Nice fact there you got! and i have to say, I love you for that! lols!

So now whats? the conclusion is, Widget Bucks Are NOW MORE THEN SUCKS From the ads! so…now if your traffic is not from US or Canada, You can start remove your Widget Bucks.

well at the moment my other blogs recieved like 18% visitors from US and 10 % from Canada, So i can still let the widget there for a couple of months to make my earning go USD50.00 which i think will takes another 2 weeks to reach that level. Then after that i will consider to remove the widget from my blog!


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