Need Advice On How To Enter The World Of Forex Trading As An Individual. I Have Usd5000 To Invest.? | All About Money Online

There are a lot of Forex trading co. online. But you can’t realy win long-term, as they just offer help when beginning, to get you hooked – so to speak. But in reality your betting against the company itself, as most of the time, they hold “your” trade themselves – it’s not placed on the “real” open – market, as we know it ..! So you would need to have – a much larger min. investment im sure, to open a FOREX acct. with a reputable market trade co. etc

You could also maybe – buy or open a foreign currency acct. at most of the leading Banks. If you want to buy and try for yourself…ok. ( buy some euro, now before it increases further against the US $ ) for example – you know it makes sense

Best of Luck ! ok.

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