My Internet Speed Is The Same As The Speed I Get Between Computers In House. How Is That Possible? | All About Money Online

This is more of a followup of my last question. I did a speed test using using my desktop connected via a linksys usb wireless G and with cat5. I also did this test with one of my laptops. The speeds were all faster than the stated speeds for my plan. The wireless was actually rated faster than the wired. I am getting around 6Mbps which is what I get during downloads. The problem is that when transferring between computers on my lan speed is the same speed most of the time. I have done wifi laptop to wifi desktop, cat5 laptop to cat5 desktop, and any other combination. They all transferred at the same rate except for when I connected my laptop via cat5 and my desktop via wireless which was twice as fast.
I am thinking that my wireless router isn’t routing very quickly no matter how the computers are connected. My router is a Linksys WRT54G with DDWRT for firmware. Are other routers better at Lan throughput?

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