My Google Adsense Account Has Been Disabled For No Fault Of Mine? What Should I Do? | All About Money Online

I hadn’t clicked on my ads then too my Adsense account was seized.On day 1 CTR crossed 200.I was shocked but then it was like 24 sometimes, 6 on other times, 15 some times but average CTR for the month was 72. I was shocked but didn’t understand what to do? Then I recieved a mail that Congratulations we have sent you your PIN which you will recieve soon. Immediately the next day I got a mail that my account was disabled. Please help?
Are there any such publisher ads-programme like Adsense for India. As of now Yahoo is only for US people while Mamma is also for US.MSN is not open to publishers. Please tell good such programmes like Adsense for India.

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