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Hello guys… I know u must have read about Johnchow.com January Income Report. He made A total of USD 30,616.35 That’s a lot of money! If you want to read the full details read here

So what about cashmarble.com income report? Will you believe that i made more money than Johnchow.com? I bet you don’t :). To be honest am not making as much as Johnchow did.. However i still want to share by blog income for the Month of January 2008.

Paid Posting Income:

Sponsoredreviews.com = USD211.25

Reviewme.com = USD157.50

Blogvertise.com= USD25.00

Smorty.com = USD100.50

Google Adsense= USD25.00

Textlinkads = USD45.00

Personal Ads= USD93.00

Payperpost.com = 269.00

Total: USD925.75

This income are only from my 2 blogs. I know this is way to far if i were to compare my income with Johnchow.com :).

there is more and more bloggers revealing their January Monthly income read below:

zacjohnson.com mentioned he made a total of:

Total Revenue: $3042.64

Blogverse.com mentioned his January 2008 as follows:

  1. 4 – 125×125 banners sold – $80
  2. 1 – in post banner sold $20
  3. 3 reviews sold – $170
  4. Misc ad sales – $106
  5. In-Post ad – $90

A totals of: USD470.00

investingadventures.com Mentioned his January 2008 blog income as follow

  • TLA Links: $20.03
  • Sponsored Reviews: $65.00
  • TNX Links: $41.98
  • Private Sales: $51.35
  • Total for January 2008: $178.36

I am yet to have others well known bloggers income for the month of January. Maybe they are too busy with the business.

My next target is to achieve my USD1000.00 monthly income from only my 2 blog. Wish me luck

Update: Colin from mixedmarketarts.com

*Parentheses represent last months numbers*

  • Adsense: $109.03 (Last Month: $12.08)
  • Private Ad Sales: $40 (Last Month: $75)
  • WordHugger/rssHugger clients: $660
  • WordHugger/rssHugger acquired: $12,775.98

Total January Earnings – $13585.01
Total Earnings Per Day – $438.22

Popularity: 47% [?]