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  • i’ll giv you an easier way. simply download a software called “mp3mymp3″ and install. it has got all the options needed for recordimg streaming audio. its the easiest to use.

    hav fun…

    Comment by MasterYo — May 19, 2009 @ 12:32 pm

    • OK, this is a little complicated. Do you download a small file that you open to listen to internet radio? If not, stop here, I can’t help you . If you do, good! You will need VLC media player and Windows. Right click on your file you downloaded to listen to the internet radio. Select open with, and choose default program. Uncheck the checkbox that says “always use this program.” Press browse, then navigate to C:Windowsnotepad.exe . Press ok, and you might get something that looks like this: numberofentries=1 File1=… Trance stream Length1=-1 Version=2

      Note where it says file1, or where you see an internet address, here . (great trance internet radio, Now open VLC. From the media menu, select Convert/save. Press the network tab. In the address box, put it exaclty what you found in notepad, for example

      The https:// and :80 are important. Do not worry about protocol or port. They will be filled in correctly once you enter the address. Press convert/save. Now you have more options!! Check play locally and play to file. For filename, browse to the location where you want the song to be saved. Then, in the box where it says filename, enter, with the quotes, “anynamehere.m4a” press Save in that browsing box. Now, look at the bottom part of the window. You will see multiple tabs: Encapsulation, video, audio, subtitles. We only care about encapsulation and audio. First, under encapsulation, select MP4. Make sure that under video, the “Video” checkbox is unchecked. Same for subtitles. For audio, check the Audio checkbox. For codec, select MPEG4 Audio (AAC). The more KBPS you have the better the quality, but the bigger the file. 128 will sound ok, but I reccomend 192 in general. Channels you can leave at 2. Other checkboxes etc are irrelevant. Press convert/save. The internet radio will start playing and recording at the same time. When you are done, press the Stop button. Go to where you saved the file, and open it. It should be openable with iTunes, quicktime, or if those fail, Winamp or VLC of course. I have used this to record internet radio shows 2 hours long so I can listen to my favorites anytime! Well worth the long process.

      Comment by Anonymous — May 19, 2009 @ 12:32 pm