Is Manual Mode Digital Camera A Replacement For Film Based Slr Cameras For Professional Photography? | All About Money Online

Yes and no. Many professionals are using digital cameras — both in studio and for landscape work. Many professionals are still using film cameras for both applications. Some professionals use larger format cameras (4×5, 8×10, etc.) that provide way more information than you can currently get from any digital body. In many respects, I think film still offers better resolution and grain. Digital offers easier workflow, no developing and film costs and the ability to see your photos when you take them! What do pros going all digital tend to use? Primarily the upper end Canons and the upper end Nikons. A body is several thousand dollars and the lenses add up to more than that. For studio work, you also see some of the digital camera backs (i.e., Leaf) which offer great resolution at stunning prices (think over $20k plus the camera plus the lens). So, what might a pro carry if he did Nikon? Maybe a D2X (12mp at $5,000 and three or four lenses — probably another $4,000 if they are like the 70-200vr) and as a spare body maybe a d200 (10mp at $1,700)

(Side note: I think the “full frame” debate is overblown — it is more the quality of the lens, the resolution of the body and the quality of the sensor. Not only that it assumes that the 35mm sized sensor is inherently the right size!)

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