Is It True That Digital Photography Put The 1 Hour Photo Labs Out Of Business? | All About Money Online

No. The ironic thing is that most people who use digital point and shoot cameras still get their pictures printed from a 1-hour photo lab. Just look at how many questions you see here from people asking where to get their digital pictures printed, and are clueless about how to print pictures on their computer at home. Actually, I think it’s funny. People who use digital point and shoot cameras claim they don’t want to use film anymore, because it costs to get it developed…and yet, they still take their digital pictures to a photo lab to get printed. Isn’t the whole purpose of using a digital camera was that it’s supposed to be faster and more convenient?? So if you still take your digital pictures printed at a 1-hour photo lab, doesn’t that just defeat the whole purpose? Also for that person who said that “old people” get pictures developed\printed at Walgreens, Walmat, etc…well, I got a news flash for you. It’s not only old people. I’m only 31, and I still use FILM because it’s much better quality than anything you would get from a cheap little P&S digital camera. I use fully manual film cameras (35mm and 120 size) and I am always amazed at the quality pictures I can get, especially with 120 film. The detail is awesome and will blow away any “pics” you get from a digital camera. I’ve been around computers my entire life, and the Internet has been around for most of my life. But I still prefer film because it is much better quality, and usually film cameras (especially manual rangefinder and SLR film cameras) are also much more durable than a little plastic digital camera. I have an 8 megapixel digital camera, but I only use that for snapshots when I’m out with friends. And when I take snapshots with my digital camera, I just print it myself on my computer at home. For REAL photography, I prefer film. I also develop my own black and white film and pictures…and the incredibly sharp, detailed pictures you can get from a REAL optical print from an enlarger and developed in a darkroom will blow away any digital camera. Most people who take their digital pictures (on a SD card, CD-R, flash drive, etc) to the digital printing kiosk at Walgreens or Walmart just want the fast and easiest way to get their picutres. They don’t really care about quality and have no real interest in photography. In fact, I’ve seen a lot of people admit that they only got a camera because of MySpace. So that should tell you the kind of pictures they take…lame snapshots, “kewl pics” for their MySpace page.

So NO, digital cameras did not put the 1-hour photo labs out of business. And since most people are still clueless about how to even print pictures from their computer, they still take their digital snapshots to a photo lab. So if anything, it might have actually given some photo labs more business.

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