Is ‘going Digital’ – Wise? Or Even Dangerous? | All About Money Online

I would like to open a discussion about digital technology.The last time I tried to do this I was insulted and told to go back to my ‘time machine’ (analogue of course).I’m sure that a sensible debate is possible-here goes-I used as an example digital photography..years ago I took a photo at night with daylight film ( i took photos during the day and had film left) standard lens at something 300 yards away. i got a picture, enlarged it – i still have that photo.Had I used digital I’d get one pixel. Pixels are regulated is random fine grain.I can scan the film or print so it will be ‘pixel happy’.Digital TV doesn’t work-picture breaks stops and starts I cant guarantee getting a picture-analogue I could.Digital feels ‘brittle’ to smoothness..You hear of systems crashing..causing mayhem..records lost-also a worrying dependance on ‘the system’ like it was a god.Planes crash due to ‘computer failure’..would you trust your life on ‘digital’

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