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I have just completed Photo 10 (intro to photography). The next step up is intermediate photography (taught by the same instructor I had for Photo 10) but I am definately taking Studio Lighting, and I can only pick one other photo class: intermediate Photography or Digital Photography. I love taking film photography, but also want the option to shoot digitally. I can’t make up my mind. But I do think the Studio Lighting course is film or digital optional, so I might still have the option to use digital printing equipment at school. I’m not sure. Any advice on what to do?

You can see some of my work here:

To decide if I need to be in intermediate photography to practice, or if I can make it in Digital Photography.
If you click on “all” at the bottom, you can see how my photography has changed since I took my photo class. The oldest work is on the bottom, all digital, the new stuff is on top.

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