In Forex Trading, Why Is The Swiss Franc Abbreviated Chf? | All About Money Online

The first two letters represent the standardised (by ISO 3166) two letter country name and the last letter is the first letter of the currency denomination. So, “CH” means Confoederatio Helvetica in Latin. Why Latin? Probably to do with the fact that the use of Latin means that they do not have to favour one of the four national languages. What has this to do with Switzerland? What does this have to do with Helvetica? Hannibal marched into the Alps with his army on elephants to free the slaves from the Roman Empire. Upon freeing the slaves, Hannibal named hte alps the “Helvetica Territories”. Helvetica is a Carthiginian or Greek word that means freedom. Finally, the third letter is the first letter of the currency denomination – Franc. Cheers,


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