In Forex Trading Market What Are Your Earnings,how You Get Them Back And When? | All About Money Online

I’m in the process of studying,learning and understanding the Forex trading market.I’ve been watching two three pairs of currencies every day for the last 3-4 years and been into currency gaming in the past but not personaly.I just had the capital,somebody else was investing and had a small profit. I wanna do it myself now and already training on metatrader 4 platform. But some questions come along while other questions resolving. My home currency is Euro. Now i’m training with trial account but when i’ll make a live account my capital(margin) will be 30.000 with leverage 100:1,meaning 3.000.000 . First question: I sell 10 lots,1million(10.000 of my capital), on EUR/GBP at : sell 0,90133/ buy 0,90158 and close it later at 0,89615/0,89630… This means the first 1.000.000 will now be 1.005.612..meaning i made 5.612euro on this trade. The question is ….are these 5.612euro my profit,my money? On metatrader platform in the place where the margin is and it wrote 30.000 ,now it will say 35.612.. So its my clear profit right? If no,then what will my profit be in lets say the specific trade? If yes ,then how do i get those money(the profit) in cash? (from where and when?)

Thanks for the patience to read all this.

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