In Digital Photography If A Camera Has A Greater Amount Of Mega Pixels Does That Mean Better Quality Pictures. | All About Money Online

I’ll vote with the NO people. While you obviously can’t compare a 2 MP camera to a 10 MP camera, the difference between a 5 and a 6 MP camera might not work out the way you’d expect. You can’t even compare “identical” cameras based on how many pixels they have. (See below) The sensor size has a lot to do with it. The “processing engine” (camera software) has a lot to do with it. The lens quality may have even more to do with it. Since you have access to the internet, it is good to look up reviews of cameras and see what they say about image quality for cameras that you are considering.… (Here’s “Below”) Here’s something interesting I just found that you might like to see. The Nikon D80 and Sony A100 are both 10 MP cameras. Sony makes the sensor for both cameras. Check this out:… Scroll down to the part where you see sample images. Look at the gray and black bands above the Queen’s image. At ISO 100, they pretty much all look smooth and uniform. As you go down the page and ISO is increased, you will start to see some blotches of color in the gray and black. This is noise.

Interestingly, this shows a comparison between the Nikon D80 and the Sony A100, which supposedly have the same sensor. Obviously, Nikon knows how to handle the information from the sensor better than Sony does, even though Sony makes the sensor.

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