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  • which version of Windows you are currently using? However, you need to understand this, to view files from your computer over a LAN Network, you must first enable file sharing on your PC and the rest of the client computers. To do this, if windows Vista, click on the LAN Connection, then select “Network Access: Local and Internet“ and then from the Network and sharing Centre enable Network Discovery, File Sahring, Public folder sharing and disable proteted sharing on each PC on you LAN. you will realise that you can now access each computer connected to the LAN. You will now be able to Map Drives from your computers and then access or see shared files. About the screenshot, I may interprete this differently or maybe this is what you mean……. you can use Remote access connection to log on to another client computer but to do this you must enable remote access on each computer including yours and you must also have the correct computer name, loggin name and password for each PC. Rmember! if you do this in your office, the user will know realise something but may not know someone is hacking into his/her system because once you try to log on remotely, you automatically log off that user from his PC. Now that you have access to the system, you can see his desktop, files etc like his/her PC is front you. You can then do a printcreen or printshot, then save it on a shard folder for you to retreave later on.

    Finally, I use LanSchool to monitor computers. This program will actually not disturb the user. Once you have a stable LAN connction, things will work fine. However, this program must be installed in all computers you want to monitor. Once this is done, from your computer, you will see all computers on the LAN, all they are doing will clearly be dispplayed on you computer desktop. and lastly, this program also allo you to remotly control the user PC creating panic to the user…the user will see mouse moving, programs like word opening and someone typing. you see what I mean? It`s good to have that program.

    Comment by jkamara7 — November 28, 2009 @ 4:06 am

    • There shouldn’t need to be any special software. If they are both on the same LAN, as long as you’ve set the security on the source computer to share the drives and/or directories, any other machine on the LAN should be able to map to and view the files on the source computer.

      Comment by Tromos — November 28, 2009 @ 4:06 am

    • hey dude………download VNC its amazing …………juz install it both comps…………and sitting at one comp you can operate other system ………….same as if your using ur system …………you open files can play music ..can play videos ……………in short u can control the other PC …fully ………… connects thru IP ……….you can view it like …if you moving your cursor your system ………it reflect in other system ……….if you open up my computer …………….it will reflect ter ……………….you can connect as many as comp you want ………………many small companies use …these to keep a security check …try out good luck

      Comment by razzyan n — November 28, 2009 @ 4:06 am

    • all computer should be connected to lan ,just u need to have a network of all these computer,and u need permission from other computer to acess the files
      dont hack computers on lan, u might get busted

      Comment by Hunk — November 28, 2009 @ 4:06 am