I’m 38yrs Old & I Want To Attend An Art Institute To Get A Degree In Digital Photograhy. Am I To Old To Start? | All About Money Online

i have an ok job but not a “career”. I will be in my early 40’s when i obtain this degree if all goes well. I would like to hear from a real life photographer or someone in the business to inform me whether or not getting a degree in digital photography would be a waste of time instead of pursing a more traditional degree such as in business? i have no type of degree now but i desparately want to obtain one. i know that i would gain a lot of knowledge and have a lot of fun at the same time in taking the course because i have a passion for photography, but in the end, would it be worthwhile? how competitive is the business of photography? is there money to be made especially to help pay off my school loans when i’m done? i could really use a older person’s opinion and soon. I begin registration in a couple of days. thanks all. and please, no stupid answers. this is my future i’m asking for help on.

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