If you used/using a forex signal before, please answer this!? | All About Money Online

Hi guys,

Let’s help each other out!
I’ve been looking for a forex signal on the internet, and I came to know Forex automoney.

I’ve never tried this before, but I’m really interested on what signal you have used before, and if it works out for you.
This way, all of us will benefit from this question.

So let me repeat this: 1. What kind of forex signal did you use?

2. Does it work for you? (meaning at least 80% of the signals came out right, and you’ve gained profit, thus if you have 20 signals, 4 could fail, but you still are earning money )

If you’ve never used any signals before, don’t post or give tips on general forex tradings, please give rooms to other people who’ve actually used it.
And please don’t post just because you are marketing a website. If we have an objective results, you can always bookmark this and you yourself can benefit from this question and answers.

Thank you so much!
May we all can benefit from this.

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