I’d like to do a distance finance degree – I live in Kuwait.. What’s the best one? | All About Money Online

I’d like to specialise in accounting and finance, but I haven’t got any previous qualifications in this area, though I know my ‘financial stuff’ and am an experienced and reasonably successful investor. I’m currently doing a Business Administration and Economics degree (as a mature student, while working) with the Open University here in Kuwait. I’m about to start my third year, but have found the amount of accounting and finance work offered on the course disappointing. Is it too late to change or transfer my degree and are there any really good (and affordable) distance accounting and finance degrees around? Could I use the two years’ credit I’ve already got? I don’t want something mega-expensive, if this is avoidable, and obviously weekend/night courses are out. I’d be really grateful for any help – there seem to be a looot of universities offering distance degrees, but I don’t want to end up with a practically useless (to employers) qualification from a Mickey Mouse uni. Thanks.

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