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Have a photography question: for a wedding is film or digital better? My sister got married in 2005 and used film because she was told by her photographer that if something happened to a roll of film she would be out about 15 pictures, but if something happened with digital, she would be out everything. Has anyone heard of this and what about for a 2009 weddng? Film or digital?. Additional Details

Maybe I should have been more specific – I think the issue is that with the film if a roll of film got lost or damaged then 12-15 pictures would be lost or damaged. But if digital then if the memory card (I guess) got lost or damaged then 50 or 100 or 200 or more pictures would be lost or damaged. That is why I’m wondering about the film vs digital question. Can people please give me their opinions for a 2009 wedding? Thanks.

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