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i’m going to get a new camera!!!
for christmas, that is….this is a really tough decision for me, can u help me chose the right one?? here are my 5 requirements for the camera: i want to make sure it: 1) for appearance, it should look something like this:https://www.ndreview.com/wp-content/uploa… so it is a professional photography camera, not just for family pictures…in fact i want to use it for: 2) to do pika pika, aka light graffiti (so basically it needs shutter speed settings u can adjust): pika pika is like this if u don’t know—https://farm1.static.flickr.com/74/199899… 3) taking other pictures as well that come out in quality like this (vivid but soft, professional and crystal clear looking)—https://digital-photography-school.com/bl… 4) NOT a plain digital camera like this: https://farm1.static.flickr.com/135/39886… so i’ve been thinking about getting a nikon or canon, probably…..which one should i chose??? or maybe a different brand? 5)it has to be something i can order online, and then i need the name of the website and the model name of the camera. any other reccomendations are good even if it’s a different brand, as long as it’s a ‘digital still’ camera and i will be able to do pika pika (have shutter speed adjustments) and also take really clear pictures like that bird!!! (this is for my only christmas present, lol, so i know it will be expensive…that’s a given, so i’m not going to consider price right now)

please help me out!!!

and thanks in advace!!!! ^____^ v

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