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I found out about the cheating on me 2 days before our wedding, because the girl he had sex with, was really close with his family and she went over to my husbands parents house and she admitted it to his sisters and mother. His family told him to tell me or the would. He didn’t. So his sister did. He still denies it, but I know that he did have sex with her. We were at his aunts house, and his childhood friend was there, everyone was drinking a lot and very drunk. The “friend” Heather, was wasted, she had given one guy a b.j in the bathroom, screwed him in a car outside, and had a 3-some with him and his friend all that night. Jason was so drunk, then his uncle said to Heather are you going to hang all over Justin or are you going to give Jason a lap dance? I said “yeah right, what the hell is wrong with you!” but my then fiances words were much different, he said “Hell yeah Uncle Tad knows whats up!” So after that she was following him, when he would get up she would, he’d sit down she would sit right next to him. I couldn’t do much (our 6 month old son was there, and I was attending to him) and I wanted to trust him. Jason came in and said we HAD to stay the night, because it was to late to drive home, I found this suspicious, because Heather was staying the night, and sleeping on the couch. Jason said that we would make a bed on the floor 2 feet from the couch… cause that’s the only place there was room. So I said NO way am I going to be able to sleep in the same room with my fiance and some other chick! No way! This was very strange because Jason NEVER wants to stay the night there, he would never. I knew something was up. After I said that, Jason made us a bed and told me to lay down the baby, it was really late and he was tired. He told me to lay with our son and he would be in to go to sleep shortly. Then he went back outside with Heather and the 2 guys she had sex with earlier. I was right on the other side of the wall that they were hanging out of on the other side. I put our son to sleep, then I fell into a really light sleep, I heard everyone talking. But it was getting quieter and quieter, until silence. I went out front and asked the 2 other guys where was my fiance and Heather? They said that they just walked to the store and when they got back both of them were gone. 3 hours later, Heather comes through the door, saying that she fell asleep outside, I demanded to know where, she wouldn’t tell me exactly where, I told her that I looked all over the yard, and she wasn’t sleeping out there. Then 5 minutes later my fiance walks up… I said where the f have you been? He said he went for a walk, to the casino 3-4 miles down the highway. I knew he was lying, but I didn’t want to believe that he had done something so awful. To this day he still denies having sex with her, he admits that they snuck into the bushes and tried to have sex, and she kissed him and, she got mad cause he couldn’t get his dick hard! Yeah Okay so he tried for 2-3 hours?? Um NO! Come to find out he had a major crush on her when he was younger and she was his girlfriend for a couple weeks in middle or high school.
Im finally getting past this, he quit drinking alcohol, and partying, he has made a 180, with helping me with our son, house cleaning, he gives me respect, doesn’t threaten me or call me names anymore.

But now…..
Today I took him to his workdays, its through the court, its at the animal shelter her in town. One of his ex’s is working there too, but she is now married to one of his good friends. But he dated her for a couple months and lived with her for about 3-5 weeks. Jason was picked to got ot he sheriffs department and they asked him to pick someone to take with him, he picked her (Lana). So normally every other work day he calls me when he gets off, for a ride, but today Im chillin with our son waiting for his call, and then I hear a knock at the door. Its Jason and Lana. Jason said that the sheriff from the shelter let them out early and gave them a ride around the corner from our house and dropped them off. Why not drop them off in front of our house? They have never dropped him off before and he has worked that same job before. But he and Lana come in, he can tell Im upset, but he shines me on like, shes my best friends wife! But he used to screw his best friends baby mommys, all of them, everyone of his friends ladys. I would never spend the day hanging out with some ex, no matter who they are with now. And if I did, he would flip out! He is throwing a fit about my going to physical therapy with a man dr. Hdoesn’tnt want me to go, and is trying to make me feel bad about it! I jusdon’tnt know what to say or do or feel. Everytime I start trusting him again, he does something to make me wonder. Also I heard Lana on the phone with her husband she said that they walked home cause they finished early. He said yeah walked from the corner… I think that maybe he wanted to walk home with her for 1 reason

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