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Hey folks, I am looking for a new broker for Stocks and Forex. I have been using TD Ameritrade for stocks for a few years. Pros: Like their platform. Cons: They don’t do forex and their commissions are high. Opened an account with Interactive Brokers last week. Pros: Brokerage fees are cheap and they cover stocks and forex (and others). Cons: I don’t like their platform or margin leverage. Opened a “Paper” Think or Swim account last week. Pros: Like their platform better than IB’s but not as much as TDA’s. Margin leverage perfect. Cons: Commissions are high. So, here’s what I require and am still in search of. Hopefully ya’ll can point me in the right direction. I need: A very user-friendly platform Ability to trade stocks and forex Low commissions Margin of 2:1 for stocks Margin of 100:1 for forex Thanks in advance for any info!

Happy trading!

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