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I am graduating from university of waterloo (canada) in april 2007. I am currently working in an engineering firm for my last coop/intern term. I only have 4mths experience in the finance industry, and I am currently enrolled in CSC. I just want to know how I can better prepare myself for a career in the finance industry, possibly equity trading?

The main problem I have is that I am holding an eng degree with 2 yrs of eng experience. I am not the biggest fan of engineering, and I am quite lost in terms of career choice. I had the chance to see what the finance world is like, and the fast-paced environment with the money incentive seems perfect for me.

Going into finance might mean a starting salary of $35-45K, and that’s a big difference when I can command $50-60K with my eng background. I have a strong interest in following the market, and investment. Am I wrong for making such big career switch? Is there anyone out there with similar experience and would like to share with me?

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