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Merry Christmas :), So…I am new at the forex market(for a moment I wrote foreST:)) And obviously I have several questions: 1. What to buy now? I see some people who look at the forex too “philosophically”. As I said I am newbie at this market, so they can be right, but…why someone would ask about the “Eliot theory” to make money in forex when you just can read news and predictions and see the chart??? Thus, my question is not whether Eliot works or not :), but is it good to buy NZD against the USD, or against the JPY? I think thats the best deals now. 2. Is it that good??? Ofcourse forex seems very attractive to people because of the very high “leverage”. In fact, I understand the “leverage” to be a credit.

Ok, it’s good when I win but if I lose, am i not loosing the brokers money? I guess then noone looses because when I loose, someone else succeeds…anyway you got it

3. Can you trust

That’s my broker

Thanks and have a grand new year!

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